France will be going to the world cup as one of the favorite to win the tournament. As one of the only seven countries to have ever won the football mundial, this automatically puts them in the reckoning. Les Blues also have many things going for them in this coming world cup beyond being former champions and that lies in the extraordinary talents they have at their disposal right now.


Spearheading the bunch of talents is the most expensive player in the history of premier league, Paul Pogba. The 25-year-old Manchester United midfielder has been a special shining light among the loads of talent coming out of France.


With players like Ousmane Dembele, Kylian Mbappe and a host of others, Pogba talents still stand out amongst them. His extraordinary skills on the ball is visible to host of clubs while he was at Juventus.


This was what the likes of Manchester United saw when they put £98m on a player that came through their ranks and was allowed to leave for free. This extraordinary talent will be needed at Russia to help France go far in the world cup. His current form at club level might not be the best right now but this has never made anyone doubt his talent.


With loads of young and talented world cup debutant France will be taking to Russia, many will have to draw inspiration from some of the players who had been at this stage before in the past.


Balance between youth and experience can be the right combination for winning, therefore, bookmakers made their offers for World Cup. Pick your favorite and choose among lot of options, but choose carefully – there are lot of good teams with and some of them can upset the odds. Personally, I think France have one of the strongest squad in the World-cup and it won’t be bad if football lovers put their money where their mouth is and place some bet on France.


Only Oliver Giroud had a regular place in the attack line of the France team in 2014 world cup and the likes of Pogba were also making their debut then. Come June, Pogba will definitely want to stamp his authority and show the world what he can do at national team level.


When he led France to the under-20 world cup in 2013, many knew he was the star for the future. The future is now and it’s the time of the former Juve man to shine at the biggest football competition.


We know that the biggest names right now in football are Ronaldo and Messi but the truth is that players in the mould of Pogba now command a digital and brand presence that is also high up there. Representing a country like France makes his brand, #Pogba one of the favorite stars to watch in the tournament.


Knowing this and wanting to keep his audience, Pogba knows he has to be at his best. This will obviously work in favor of France than any other party that has interest in the Pogba brand.


Whatever success France will achieve at Russia 2018, Pogba will have to be at the centre of it. It’s not rocket science and Didier Deschamps knows this. He will definitely not do it alone but being the centre of attraction makes it work in a different dimension for the team and for Pogba. He can do it and knowing you now have the hopes of a nation on you to do it takes it to another level.