This match schedule was a head to head Match between Barcelona and Chelsea as Barcelona emerged victorious with a 3-0 win and courtois had some things to say.

Chelsea’s Courtois was scored twice by Messi with a nutmeg in the champions league match against Chelsea.

Following their defeat to Barcelona in the champions league round of 16 second leg, Thibaut Courtois admits he made a mistake for the goals Lionel Messi scored by nutmeg.

Lionel Messi scored the first goal in the third minute of the first half that later ended a 3-0 loss at Camp Nou disqualifying Antonio Conte’s side in the champions league.

Barcelona Ousmane Dembele scored the second goal for Barcelona before Messi the win with another nutmeg in the second half.

Messi’s two goals, the Argentine International put the ball through Courtois’ legs, and the Chelsea’s goalkeeper reveals that Lionel Messi used his weakness to score from close distances.

Courtois said to BT sport:

“I don’t think we deserved to be out but obviously individual mistakes cost us in both legs,”.

He continued by saying:

‘With the first goal I didn’t expect Messi to shoot from there, I was too late to close my legs, so a mistake on my part.

‘So, not nice to start the evening like that, and then two other missed passes and we paid for it.

‘They scored off our mistakes, I think apart from that we played well, defended well, hit the crossbar twice today, think that’s a bit unlucky but mostly our individual mistakes cost us.

‘We have to be honest about that. We have to continue working and try to win on Sunday as it’s the only silverware we may get this season.

‘I’ve played against him [Messi] a lot of times, conceded goals through my legs with him, for a goalkeeper like me from two metres that’s probably the weakest point through your legs because if I’m standing in a normal position there’s a lot of space in between.

‘It’s annoying, but I don’t think I have to hide, I have to come out, be a man, and say I made a mistake and move on.

He ended by saying:

‘It’s unlucky to go our with four goals from four mistakes. We have to move on, work hard and continue.’