March 22, 2018


This transfer news is about the bundesliga’s talented goalkeeper with the transfer season closed all managers can do is have transfer talks and in our transfer talk we bring Peter Gulasci who is being sorted for by two giants in the premier league.

However, from consistent talk about the RB Leipzig goalkeeper there’s a possibility he’s going to be moving to the premier league side very soon.

Gulasci is yet to accept or decide on which of the premier league teams he’ll be going to as Chelsea and Arsenal are fighting for the Bundesliga goalkeeper’s signature with a bid of £25 million.

The sort out talented goalkeeper didn’t start well making zero appearances while he was at Liverpool, he moved around teams on loan for about 5 years before moving to RB Salzburg and started to make a name in 2013.

However, the 27 year old goalkeeper has become one of the most constant goalkeepers in Bundesliga since 2015 as he got his career back on strong ground when he was signed to RB leipzig.

Gulacsi was and still is an ardent goalkeeper and as been a major factor in his team and in their progress, and personally I think he’s one of the best if not the best in Bundesliga.

Ithink the impressive performance of the Leipzig goalkeeper has been  attracting top teams to him, and he’s stated as a major signing for Chelsea and Arsenal’s starting line up for the next season.

The Arsenal manager is in need of Gulacsi’s signature because Arsenal’s present number one Peter Cech will be 36 very soon and retirement is fast approaching and I believe Ospina will be leaving to look for a team where he can be their main point of defence.

 TheChelsea manager is also not letting go without a fight for the goalkeepers signature as a replacement for Thibaut Courtois who is on Real Madrid’s radar.

Though, there is transfer talk on Gulacsi, the Leipzig goalkeeper is on a long term contract which is set to last till 2022 but the team might have to reconsider due to the high price put on the goalkeeper who’s been offered £25 million to come to the premier league.

If Leipzig fails to qualify for the champions league next season Chelsea and Arsenal should have no problem expecting the goalkeepers signature but the question is which of them will win.

Both teams should have no problem with whatever price leipzig may ask for since his a major factor to the teams defence and I believe he should blend in fast due to his five years at Liverpool and would be a plus to which ever team he goes.